It was difficult to be the only vegan that I knew but now other people look to me to help them in their own vegan journey.

Just when you think you’re going through the struggle alone, here comes a friend! Lexi O’Sullivan is a southern vegan who’s been going strong for about 2 1/2 years. Lexi started this journey for her love of animals and self health. She admits that in the beginning it was difficult being vegan, not because of the foods but because she didn’t have anyone to help.


Like most vegans, Lexi comes from a meat eating family. As a child, Lexi and her parents briefly owned and lived on a sheep farm in New Zealand. Her parents enjoyed raising and slaughtering their sheep for meals. Likewise, people in Louisiana love to catch or hunt their dinner.

In high school Lexi attempted to be a vegetarian several times.  The longest attempt lasted a year until she was discouraged because of the lack of knowledge and support from friends and family. This time around Lexi is more knowledgeable and motivated about being vegan. Her major motivation is the difference in how she felt eating more plant based foods, as opposed to the standard American diet.

Lexi expressed, “slip ups along the path or simply apart of your journey.”

After a year of being vegan, Lexi decided to start a blog. Through blogging, Lexi has helped lead other people to a healthier lifestyle. Whether it was their relationship with their bodies or animals–without intending to–Lexi has helped other people along her journey.

Lexi plans to remain a vegan for LIFE! Her goal is to spread the message about the benefits you gain by changing your diet. Lexi has been on this journey for sometime but one of the greatest things she’s learned is how to stand her ground. As a vegan, you will be asked a lot of questions, so it’s important to be knowledgeable. Overall, don’t be afraid to express your beliefs because someone doesn’t agree with them. Everyone is different but you must figure out what works best for you!

Quick Tips for Beginner Vegans:

  1. Set your own pace!

  2. Find healthy snacks that you like!